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Architectural & Engineering Services

Architectural & Engineering ServicesArchitectural & Engineering ServicesArchitectural & Engineering Services

Look Before You Leap


When considering an upgrade or addition to your home the price tag on figuring out what you want can be scary. Designers, plan sets and revisions can easily rocket into the thousands of dollars range. 

BAE’s unique Look Before You Leap package allows you to see your home as it is and how you think you want it in digital 3D modeling. The work our associate designers do for your model also transfers to our architects and engineers, simplifying their efforts which directly reduces the cost of producing the plan set the city will require for your project. 


Leveraging our Team for You

We have assembled a team of in-house and associate talents to provide our clients with a full-service experience. CEO, Bob Bishop, brings 30+ years personal experience producing electrical and mechanical engineering solutions for projects ranging from small home additions to entire industrial overhauls and manufacturing buildouts. Our all-star team of architects, engineers, and designers have come together to take your project from concept to completion seamlessly, economically and with the best quality craftsmanship.  

Whether you are engaged in major industrial upgrades or are simply looking to add some square feet to your home, we are proud to provide you with exceptional service.

How Can We Help You?

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